Margaret Russell

I have always had a desire to draw and paint the wonders I see in creation.  What wonderful inspiration!  To create an image on paper or canvas is very satisfying and challenging for me and I am always looking for new ideas and taking photographs for future reference.  I am most interested in oil painting, graphite, pen and ink and coloured pencil drawing.

I struggled to find satisfaction with my artwork until a friend invited me to oil painting classes with Sandra Biggin and that was the opportunity for me to continue with my desire.  Through the RQAS I have attended amazing workshops in Rockhampton with world class artists which have helped my basic skills to grow.  One of the workshops introduced me to coloured pencils and this experience added another dimension to my interest in drawing.  Tuesday morning drawing classes run by Lyn Howard & June Taylor are very encouraging and I find learning with others, sharing ideas and helping to encourage those who are starting out is an enriching experience which helps us all to grow as artists and people.