Coral Morris

Coral Morris grew up in the small country town of Springsure, in Central Qld. During her childhood Coral developed a passion for painting which has never left her.

Coral has tutored oil painting classes at the Walter Reic Cultural Centre for over twenty years. Hundreds of folk have passed through these classes and gone onto become accomplished and successful artists and members of RQAS Rockhampton Branch Inc. She says it has been a privilege and a pleasure to be part of so many individual journeys.

Coral believes an artist’s journey is never-ending and forever evolving. Over the years she had attended many Workshops with today’s well known artists and she continues to do so.

Coral says this keeps her vision and individual style fresh and alive, whilst staying true to her roots and who she is as an artist.

Coral’s inspiration is fanned by her undimmed passion to paint and visiting different places around Australia, exploring and absorbing the beauty and the spirit of this great land we call home. Coral takes many photos and sketches during these excursions, some of which go onto become paintings.

Coral says painting allows her to step into a world of her own. A magical, healing, beautiful place. A place where she is free to put on canvas the spirit and the emotion she feels for these places to share with others.

Coral is a Life Member of RQAS Inc.


Awards and Commendations

Rotary Capricorn Coast Art Competition

  • 1998 Highly Commended – Open Section
  • 2004 Commended – Open Pastel
  • 2005 Highly Commended – Cent. Qld. Oil
  • 2008 Highly Commended – Open Pastel

Rockhampton Art Competition

  • 1998 First – Mayor’s Local Artist Award

Sarina Art Competition

  • 2004 Highly Commended – Open Pastel
  • 2008 Highly Commended – Open Pastel

Bauhinia Shire Biennial Art Competition

  • 2006 – People’s Choice Award

Blackwater Annual Art Competition

  • 2012 Best Oil/Acrylic Award
  • 2016 Highly Commended Pastel Award
  • 2016 Highly Commended Open Award

Sarina Art Extravaganza

  • 2012 Highly Commended Pastel