Carol Petherick


I don’t consider myself to be “an artist”, but rather somebody who enjoys trying to capture and create an image of something I have seen.

I grew up in a relatively rural area of England and have always had an affinity for animals and natural history.  I consider myself very fortunate to have had a long career working with animals.  This career taught me how to carefully observe and record, something which is both a blessing and a curse for my art!  As a scientist I had to record everything completely objectively and never allow subjectivity and emotion to creep in.  This means that I am rather a “perfectionist and detail person” and it is proving to be a real challenge for me to let that side of me slide and allow creativity and subjectivity to come through in my work.

Until recently, the only training I had had in art was at High School in England, where I did pencil drawing.  Drawing was left behind when I finished school to pursue my science career, and only when I left full-time employment did I pick-up a pencil again to see if I still had any ability (after 40+ years!) to draw.  It was clear that I was able to copy other drawings and pictures, but I wanted to be able to do more.  So, in 2017, I joined the RQAS Rockhampton Branch and started oil painting classes, tutored by Coral Morris.  Later, I joined the Tuesday art group under the guidance of June Taylor and Lyn Howard and had the opportunity to try my hand with a variety of media.  I still love using pencils (graphite and coloured), but also very much enjoy the ‘freedom’ that charcoal and oil painting give me.  I have so much to learn and try-out, and love the feeling of trying to transfer what is in my mind’s eye to paper and canvas, although at times it can be very frustrating!