Annette Murray

Profile photoI am Annette Murray, mother of two residing in Rockhampton and aspiring to calmness!

Originally a country girl, I appreciate the beauty in the splendid things that nature supplies me to inspire artworks. As a young artist I developed a love of surrealism which has followed me into the now. I was wowed by the work of Salvador Dali and others.

My work is varied but mostly on the side of realism / surrealism and not so much to the abstract although I am experimenting with various media and I have always loved texture and the addition of ‘another dimension’ if you like.

My favourite medium is soft pastel but I also use acrylic or gauche and pencil or charcoal. I am also expanding into the mixed area by experimenting with the use of watercolour, ink, papers and texturising mediums etc. I find that I am generally too impatient to work with oils but very much admire the work of those who do.

My main subjects are drawn from nature..landscapes, animals, plants, waterscapes and portraits, and sometimes fantasy or surrealism, however I throw in the odd one here and there that is more of an abstract or symbolic work.

My artistic side takes me into designing and making clothes and jewellery, sculpting with clays, house design, sculptured and fancy dress makeup and costumes and I hope to expand into soapstone and Hebel sculpture soon… When I have the time that is!