RQAS members meet and paint in Room 1.1, Walter Reid Building. It is a wonderfully creative historical landmark. Our club room is light, bright and well appointed. It incorporates the renowned Upstairs Gallery, a great space to display members’ work. We welcome new members and invite amateurs and professionals alike to support each other on our creative journeys.

In regional Queensland it can sometimes be difficult for artists to network with each other, to grow in their skills and expression and find a space to exhibit their work. The RQAS is indeed such a place, and has been an important group for local artists for over 70 years.

Country Membership

Ask the Rockhampton Branch of the RQAS about their Country Membership opportunities. The Rockhampton Branch seek to provide country, regional and remote artists with an artists’ network and supportive opportunities to learn, grow and show their work. Call the Secretary or President noted in the Contacts on this website for further information.

RQAS Petrie Terrace, Brisbane

RQAS Petrie Terrace, Brisbane offers opportunities for artists who may be able to attend their exhibitions and workshops. View their website https://rqas.com.au or email their Secretary on secretary@rqas.com.au